About Us

E&C Mid-Atlantic ventures has successfully operated convenience and gas retail sites for over 25 years in: The District of Columbia; Maryland; Virginia; Delaware; Pennsylvania; and New Jersey.  In a word, “versatility” is a key component that inspires guest satisfaction at the retail site level.  We have existing and previous loyalty brand experience with Shell FRN/Grocer Rewards; ExxonMobil Plenty Rewards; BP Rewards; Sunoco Rewards; Texaco; Gulf; Citgo and the Washingtonian.  These relationships have produced exceptional business partnerships that encourage guest satisfaction. The interaction between our associates and guests often produces a “remarkable” customer experience at over 59 sites in the DMV.


Our associates have a plethora of talent and experience. we believe in what we do and in the communities in which we work.

Our core values are simple- “We work to deliver a “remarkable” experience for our respective stakeholders.  A stakeholder may be a fellow associate or the guests that visit our locations for fuel, replenishment, or relief. achievement of that experience should always be top of mind.”

Julio Cornejo  - CEO

Our Strategy

In its search to deliver exceptional associate/guest interactions, E & C Mid-Atlantic tracks actual performance using metrics that feature key financial and non-financial indicators.

- Pertinent, Key Performance Indicators (Kpi's) are used to provide focus and track executional effectiveness.

- Kpi’s are evaluated with a “hands on” approach by vital leadership members. The kpi’s serve to keep the company on point withregard to strategic policies and business plans.

- Metrics are reviewed actively and periodically to measure execution & goal achievement

  • Recordable Customer Complaints
  • CPG
  • GP$
  • Net Expenses
  • Recordable Injuries-
    • (serious incident reports);
    • (OSHA logs)
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • 5 Star Inspections
  • Petroleum Brand Surveys

Simple Priorities-

Deliver A Remarkable Associate Workday Experience

Deliver A Remarkable Guest/Associate Interaction

Our primary focus is to always deliver a positive interaction between our associates and guests. Focused, contented associates quite often produce a “remarkable” guest interaction.

Key Performance Indicators (kpi's)-

  • Recordable Customer Complaints;
  • 5 Star Inspections
  • Brand Surveys
  • Associate exit interviews



Deliver A Quality Portfolio Of National And Local Brands

Our portfolio of brands include: Subway; Dunkin Donuts; Krispy Krunchy Chicken; Baskin Robbins; 7-11; U. S. Postal Service; Shell; ExxonMobil;  Sunoco A+; BP; The Washingtonian


Deliver Superlative Performance Via Key Performance Indicator (Kpi) Evaluation

Key Performance Indicators (kpi)-

Achievement of financial deliverables for:

  • CPG Objectives
  • GP$ Objectives
  • Net Expenses
  • Deliver projects efficiently to maximize capital investment
    • On time delivery of projects
    • Budget over/under
    • Downtime measurement